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The Greek Show
Mario and Dalia Welcome to The Greek Show with DJ Aggie, DJ Mario and DJ Dalia.

Bringing you all the latest hits and new releases which are being played on the dance floors in Greece and Cyprus and all over Europe, along with classic Laika hits from days gone by and the latest news and information for and from the Greek community. We will also play your requests and dedications from any genre of music your choice, as long as we have it with us, so email us before the show starts to be sure that we bring it in. The Greek show is provisionally scheduled to air every Thursday evening from 6pm to 8pm, with the Greek news read at 7pm by Dalia Panayis.

The Greek Show is produced by Argyros Argyrou, Dalia Panayis and Mario Avraam.


The Inspiration FM Greek show is the first and only Greek community radio show broadcasting outside of London and was launched on Thursday 27 November 1997 as The Greek Selection, presented by DJ Aggie with Maria answering the telephones. When standing in for MC Sal on the Spirit of Africa show on the following RSL in the summer of 1998, DJ Aggie unofficially renamed the show, The Mediterranean Mix and this became the official title of the Greek show on the RSL after that. Dalia replaced Maria on the phones on the Millenium RSL in December 1999 and in the summer of 2000 DJ Aggie was joined by DJ Mario, with Dalia reading the news for the first time ever on the following RSL in the winter. The first internet broadcast of the show occurred over Christmas in 2005 and had listeners as far away as Cyprus, including Haji Mike whose music the Greek show has always supported. There have also been regular contributions to the show from Greek community president George Kyriakides and orthodox church committee member Mario Chari aka. Mazza who guested on the final three hours of longest Greek show ever (untill 2010) on 3 January 2008 which lasted a total of four hours when DJ Aggie filled in on the Polish show which followed, after DJ Bart contracted flu. Kaiti Garmpi has always been number 1 in all the air-play charts compiled by DJ Aggie except in December 2001/January 2002 when Stelios Kazantzides the godfather of Greek popular music or Laika toped the chart after he had just passed away. DJ Mario travels all the way from London at his own expense in order to present the show, because of his life-long passion for Greek music.

This Month's Playlists
When Inspiration FM came back on air on a 5 year Community Radio licence in 2010 Mazza joined DJ Aggie presenting the show, doing The Greek Connection and Sporting News. DJ Aggie, DJ Mario, Dalia and Mazza then set a new record for the longest Greek Show ever on 2 September 2010 when DJ Marchin from the Polish Show was away and John Pyne was late arriving for his late night show. The show lasted four and a half hours from 1800 to 2230.

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To contact us when the show is on air, telephone +44 (0)1604 250544 or email

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